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If you are 13-19 years old, Urban Saints has a place for you. We are a diverse community here to empower you to be a disciple of Christ and to make a difference in your city, school, and family. You can get involved and find your people in a variety of groups and clubs throughout the week. Pick a group, get involved, and be an Urban Saint.



“My heart and vision are to redeem the word ‘Urban’. Most of the world, especially when referring to teenagers, describe an “urban kid” as poor, from a bad home and a person who is in constant desperate need. I believe the name Urban Saint(s) is redemptive, loving on every kid here in the NYC, regardless of their socio-economic status, nationality, gender or ability. Our Hope and Challenge is to love kids they way Jesus loves us, fervently, without prejudice or any reserve. In order to do this well, we invite YOU, our community, to join in and partner with us to make this dream a very possible reality.”

-Ilze Gideons, Youth Pastor

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Coming In The Fall

Mid-Week Bible Study

Time & Location: TBD

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Urban saints Fridays

Friday 4:00pm-6:30pm
Midtown West: 414 w 51st St.

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sunday am services

We believe in building a multi-generational service and welcome teens to our main service with our families. Email us to found out when and where our monthly Sunday lunch is taking place. Youth service happens every first and last Sunday of every month at the Theater Center in Midtown Manhattan.


Sundays, 10:30 AM
at 210 W. 50th Street

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To partner with Urban Saints NYC please click the button below and select “Youth Ministry” from the “Giving Type” drop-down menu. Thank you for your generosity.

All designated donations go 100% to Urban Saints NYC and are tax deductible through 501c3 status. Urban Saints NYC is facilitated by Every Nation Church, New York.

Our Squad

Mariah Jones

Mariah Jones

Youth Director

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